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Electrical and mechanical building services | Installation


Our specialist engineers do what it takes to complete your installation to a high standard – and meet all your expectations.

When you work with us on your mechanical and electrical installation project, you’ll experience a seamless process where key dates and budget are met and disruption is kept to a minimum.

This is because we establish your installation designs, specifications and costs in advance, planning the construction in detail and organising the installation on a daily basis.

To reduce costs and save time, our large workshop facilities enable us to do large-scale fabrications in-house, removing the need to rely on third parties.

When needed, we have flexible operational hours and can work through evenings and weekends to finish your installation – and just as we never compromise on quality while sourcing the most cost-effective supplies for you, we work hard to meet deadlines without sacrificing health and safety.

We are committed to providing a safe working environment, and all our installation services are quality assured to ISO 9001.